Spicy Boy Jerky is a small business that was founded by Dan in 2016, starting as a hobby when his parents bought him a dehydrator as a birthday present. Dan had a passion for cooking and exploring new and exciting foods, which led him to experiment with making jerky. Initially, he made jerky for fun, but soon he began giving it as gifts to family and friends.

The official name "Spicy Boy Jerky" was established in 2020, marking a significant step in the business's development. Dan decided to turn his jerky-making hobby into a full-fledged business venture. He launched an e-commerce store, which has experienced a fair amount of success, and also developed a social media presence on Instagram to connect with a broader audience and build a following.

In addition to the online store, Spicy Boy Jerky expanded its reach by participating as a full-time vendor at Quincy's Farmers markets. Dan also took part in pop-up events at local breweries in the greater Boston area, showcasing and selling his jerky products to a wider customer base. This multifaceted approach to marketing and distribution helped Spicy Boy Jerky grow from a hobby into a successful business.